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MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH is the #1 advisory board for business owners, startup entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs who want to transform their passionate business into a profitable and scalable venture using our simpel 3-Pillar-Scale-System.

Warning: We only take interviews on applications that already have a proof-of-concept, because this will insure us for the possible implementation of your business or project idea and also the likelihood of achieving economic success. Else your application will be rejected.

Does This Sound Familar?

how can I MAKE my first profitable sale BASED ON MY PASSION OR EXPERTISE?

After several years working for a company, you might realise that you are wasting your time and you are desperately looking for a way, to build a business around your passion or expertise.

How am I going to increase more sales to generate MORE revenue and profits?

You are running a startup or scale-up and you have a proof-of-concept, but then you realise that you might be wasting time, energy, and money of your team, cofounders, and investors. So now you are looking for proven ways on how to do so fast and effectively.

How can I get more done, scale my business fast AND GET MORE INVESTORS ON BOARD?

You are running a small or middle-sized business that has been growing steadily for the last couple of years, but then you reached a comfortable plateau you can’t break-through. The old methods don't seem to work as usual and now you are looking for new and modern ways of doing so.

There Are Really 3 Good Options On The Market

Educate Yourself

You can decide to simply educate yourself in all the different business scale topics. But maybe you have no time to go through all the material and find out what works and what doesn't. So maybe, this is not an option.

Incubator Support

You might apply yourself for an incubator to get support in all the business aspects you need. But maybe, your business doesn't qualify enough for their criteria and the process can be complex. Maybe, this is not what you'r looking for.

Hire An Expert

You can also simply hire an expert who might take care of your specific case. But maybe, the expert is too specialised in his or her topic and doesn't see your business in the holistic way as you wish. So maybe, that is neither a good option.

You Are Looking For MBI Consulting

Your #1 advisory board in Germany for business owners, startup entrepreneurs and Solopreneurs who want to transform their passionate business into a profitable and scalable venture using our simpel 3-Pillar-Scale-Methodology.

Individual Solutions

Every business is different. There are different founders, teams and systems in place. We believe that every case should be viewed individually and therefore create only individual solutions tailored to your current business situation.

Dynamic System

We don't believe in rigid systems that work with any business. We believe that a business system needs to be dynamic in order to change. Therefore we work with a very dynamic 3-Pillar-Scale-System that adapts to the current market situation.

Holistic Consulting

We don't use short-term solutions to solve long-term problems. We see a business from a holistic perspective and therefore can provide more qualified advice to every venture that comes across our path and give you more certainty.

Our 3-Pillar-Scale Methodology: Analyse, Dominate and Scale
I. Analyse & Optimize

First we analyse and optimise your business situation in order to achieve and ensure product-market fit. This is crucial before even taking action on dominating your niche-market or scaling your business. Therefore, the four-fundamental elements need to be here in check.

So we start first with the business Model. This is where we help the business drafting a scalable business model that will generate revenue. For this we use cutting edge methodologies such the business model canvas and value proposition design.

We also perform a competitors analysis to understand if there are already similar business models existing on the market. We then pick some parts out of this long-term inspirational business model and create a more practical business model to experiment in the short-term.

It is also important to mention that if the business only has a single founder, that we can help him or her to find a team of co-founders. So we might have the topic of HR in the early stage, which includes recruiting, staffing and team-building. In this case we can develop a team, that will operate across the entire lifetime of the cooperation.

In the business model we already laid out the specific customer segments, that we want to work with. In this stage however, we want to emphasise our efforts on one single dream buyer profile. This is where we create a one-page persona-profile and thus have a summarised deep understanding of our dream buyer.

Our philosophy is: Your dream buyer doesn’t buy from you because he understands your solution … your dream buyer only buys, because he feels understood.

So that is our goal, to understand the dream buyer on a core level. To achieve this goal, we research the market, we perform customer discovery interviews and observe habitual buying behaviour. At the end, we have a summarised one-page pdf document that describes our dream buyer on a core level. This document will be one of the most important in documents in the overall business growth process.

Most businesses believe that sales is the way to go to generate more revenue and profits. This might be partially the truth. The reality is that sales is only 10-15% responsible of the overall revenue and profits. Surprisingly, the right customer offer is responsible of about 50% of the sale. 

In this stage, we focus therefore on crafting that irresistible offer tailored to your dream buyer. A irresistible offer consist out of a short elevator pitch and 7-Core-Elements that work hand in hand together to make the offer irresistible. This can only be created, once we understand your dream buyer on a core level.

We not only create such a offer for your dream buyer, but also create a so called “JV Offer” for your potential partners who already have your dream buyers. At the end we have document that includes a low-budged, high-budged and joint venture partner offer.

So now we have the business model with the right team, we have the dream buyer profile, the irresistible offer and now we have the topic strategy, where we help the business to achieve market Leadership.

Market Leadership is very important, because it only, when you are market leader, if you are a specialist in a certain field, if you have an USP, you are then going to be recognised and people take you seriously. So that is why we look into strategy. We analyse the 7 paths to authority marketing, find out what kind of strategic partnerships will accelerate market attraction and how a high-converting sales strategy will look like for your venture.

In the End we have a clear sales conversion strategy that will help us to generate more revenue and profits.

II. Dominate Niche-Market & Achieve Market Leadership

In this pillar our goal is to achieve market leadership. In order to make this happen we will have to reach maximum market attraction, master sales conversion, improve customer retention and focus on profit optimization. These four key-elements will help your business to dominate your market.

In this step we basically perform strategic marketing activities based on our market strategy. We use here the 7 levels of authority marketing in order to achieve market leadership.

  1. Branding & Positioning
  2. Content Marketing
  3. Events & Workshops
  4. Public Speaking Engagements
  5. Public Relations & Media
  6. Lead Generation (7 paths of lead-generation in B2B/B2C)
  7. Referral Marketing

We help the business generate leads, while when marketing, especially in the B2B area. And in the fields of networking, building networks, building referral networks and generating referrals. We leverage the resources of strategic business partners and accelerate exposure to more dream buyers (also called Joint Venture Marketing or Influences Marketing).

At this stage we help your business to turn your leads generated via market attraction into turnover. In other words: Generating revenues and cash.. Depending on your business we either improve the sales conversion on digital platforms such as e-commerce.

Or, for more complex B2B Sales scenarios, where the sales process need to take a bit of time, we also focus on creating sales scripts for discovery calls, negotiation meetings, closing meeting and follow-up reminders. We provide sales training so that you master the art of persuasion, negotiation and deal closing.

In this stage our goal is to increase the stick-rate of each customer and enhancing the relationship customers have with your business. There are exactly three areas that we focus on:

  1. Customer Satisfaction
  2. Customer Ascension
  3. Customer Promotion

We use feedback instruments and track specific metrics to improve the NET-Promoter Score. In this way, we turn prospects step-by-step into raving fans and loyal members to your business.

To truly dominate your market and make your business profitable we want to maximise at this stage the value of your business that generates for your customers. There are three-core areas that we focus on here:

  1. Increasing amount of customers
  2. Increasing the frequency of purchase
  3. Increasing the transaction size
Fine-tuning these three elements will ultimately leads your business into a profitable venture. At the end we have a optimal-profit canvas that show us where our energy and efforts should be focused on.
III. Scale Fast Or Exit Big

In this stage our goal is to scale your business at a stead or rapid growth rate. The best way to understand on how to scale a business is to think like an investor. Usually, investors don’t think linear such as 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 … Investors think exponential in numbers such as 1, 10, 100, 1.000, 10.000 and so on, and there is a reason and logic behind that (it’s rational). This is where we help the business owner to approach their business as an investor. The four elements are systematisation, process automation, job delegation and scale or exit.

In this step we want to focus on systemising processes that already work in your business. Most entrepreneurs make the mistake and try to hire people fast and manage them. This is not how it really works: “You can’t manage people. You can manage systems and motivate the people, to run those systems”. There are three systems that are crucial in your business:

  1. Hard Systems
  2. Soft Systems
  3. Information Systems

By clearly defining systems and documenting your procedures, we are able to fully understand on how your business should look like, how your team should communicate with your customers and what kind of protocols need to be followed. In some cases, it makes sense to have a ISO-Certification as a final approval to your systems and processes. This certificate can also be used in your marketing communication fairly effectively, because it builds up your credibility to your dream buyer. 

In this step we want to first automate the systems and processes using digital solutions. The reason for that is simple: Before you delegate, you automate. If you have a e-commerce shop, you might want to have a professional ERP system that is synchronised smoothly with your online shop. Or maybe you are looking for digital solutions in your customer support.

Why process automation is important before job delegation? Imagine how it would look like, if you were to first delegate a process to a person before using a digital solution to automate it. Most of the time the fresh employee will be fired from your company or rotated within your business, if you get to a point, where his or her job will be automated. So that’s why we focus on automation.

If we were to find an executive in operations and digital transformation, then that would also work, as long as he fits to your company. But this is a topic more to be discussed in the next step: Job Delegation.

No, those systems that can’t be automated by a digital solution, need to be delegated to the right person. Depending on your companies requirements, we will need to find out what roles should be delegated. Is it a team? Is it a executive? Is it a assistant? We follow five simple steps in recruiting, team building and executive search:

  1. Profile Requirements
  2. Employer Branding
  3. Talent Marketing
  4. Talent Interviews
  5. Talent Integration

So, by the end of this stage, we have a functional and scaleable business where now you can decide, on how you want to scale your business or simply sell your business at maximum value.

At this stage we arrived at the final level that is called scale. You as a business owner can decide on these three options on what you want to do next.

Option A – Business Innovation: Maybe you simply want to innovate your current business model and create a new business line focusing on new markets, while keeping the current business operations. This is where we support the you on business model innovation and basically creating a new startup within the current business.

Option B – Internationalisation: Maybe you are happy with your current business and want to broaden the scope of dream buyers on an international level. There are 3 different kind of strategies for internationalisation you can use to achieve this goal. So international expansion is your option B and we can see how our international network can help you achieve your international goals.

Option B – Investment Funding: Maybe you want to get funding from Investors to scale faster on a regional or international level or maybe you want investors to buy your business. By this point, we already have done all the important homework to go for this step, since have been building the business thinking like an investor.

If you want to get investment funding, then this is where we help the business to run smoothly within the entire investment phase. From pre-seed, seed to series A. So we either facilitate with other business angels, VCs and financing consultants or we just do the match making, without investing our own money or we do coaching, in the background, helping the business, preparing the pitch deck, how to pitch to an investor, which language to use and which wordings to use. We can also go on a more an active approach, where we are more actively involved as some sort of shadow CFO, as our face to the investors, where we help the business to run through the entire financing phase.

Who Is Behind MBI Consulting?

Miguel Miranda

CEO, MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH

My name is Miguel Miranda and I agree that I might seem to be fairly young. So here’s my story in a nutshell. I was born in Sydney Australia, half Russian, half Spanish and immigrated to Germany in 2001. I finished college in technology and with practical apprenticeships in electrical-, mechanical- and construction-engineering.

2014 instead of going deeper in technology, I decided to broaden my scope of understanding by studying business psychology part-time with the emphasis on personell- and organisational psychology. I also worked in HR and Executive Search aside my studies. This gave me the opportunity to apply my academic knowledge in the practical world to see what works and what doesn’t.

2016 I co-founded my first startup in the sports-industry and applied for the LMU incubator competition. I learned a lot from my mentors and we placed second in the competition. After that, we applied for the Startnext crowd-funding campaign that we unfortunately failed. I realised that the reason for the failure was lack of marketing and sales skills. So I took the challenge and decided to master these areas. After my bachelor and working full-time in digital consulting and entrepreneurs where seeking business growth advice.

So in fall 2019 I decided to develop MBI Consulting to be the best advisory board in the German market for entrepreneurs seeking to scale their business and make more break-throughs I realised the biggest need they had was clarity and that is what I gave them. So I decided to offer also you the opportunity to have MBI Consulting to give you the clarity you need in your business to scale fast and effectively.

What Other Entrepreneurs Say?

Miguel has been providing our startup with some very valuable and insightful strategic advise on Leadership, Market Analysis and Business Development. His expertise in coaching and overall supportive, warm and welcoming approach helped our team to thrive. He is quick to help, thoughtful in his replies to questions and a cheerleader for others' success. Miguel encourages people how to be successful in business and helps to set the right path upon challenging situations.
Miguel has been an advisory member to our startup EdTech Initiative. His exceptional insights about the startup ecosystem has been very beneficial to us in building up our idea. Apart from his extraordinary skills of Business Development, he has ensured in making us feel comfortable and confident around the uncertainty of the startup. His constant motivation and great business acumen has been a strong asset to our initiative.
Miguel Miranda is a tech-affine professional pleasant to work with. His abilities to understand the needs of well-established corporate structures as well as highly agile start-up environments in combination with an entrepreneurial mindset is the perfect foundation to identify the right candidates. I personally enjoyed his appreciative and pleasant style of communication and would recommend him any time when looking for key players to boost your business success.
In the beginning I thought Miguel was very young for me as a business consultant in my area and I thought that he had no idea about tourism. But when I explained my situation to him and asked for a solution, he gave me such a good suggestion that I now know how to really build customer trust so that the customer always remains your customer and always comes to you. Thank you for being my coach. I don't want to overdo it, but I wish I had met Miguel earlier.
Miguel is a very Professional and dedicated person that is very easy and pleasant to work with. he has an excellent understanding and ability to identify and assess needs and requirements of companies as well as candidates. This natural capacity to analyse the situation and perform efficient screening make him the best person to perform the ultimate matching. He is very well informed about new Tech trends, enjoys a natural Charisma and talent to approach people as well as an excellent Business knowledge. It was great dealing with him.
Working with Mr. Miranda is very pleasant and highly professional. Thanks to his skilful conversation skills, he quickly identifies the needs and core competencies of potential candidates for top management positions. The individual profile requirements and the cultural environment of the vacancies are the basis of his work and offer the best orientation for everyone involved for the "perfect match.

We Use The System Ourselves

Miguel Miranda uses the 3-Pillars and positions himself as an expert in executive search, business growth and career-development.
InnoTalent Germany focuses on connecting international talent with English speaking jobs in Germany in the tech industry.
InnoSales Germany builds high-performance sales teams and gives sales training for professionals in copywriting, negotiating and closing.

Our Numbers

1 +

Over 18 customers already benefited using the 3-Pillar-Scale System.

Implementation Partners

We work with 17 implementation partners that are responsible to turn projects into reality.

Founding Year

We’ve been experimenting with many customer cases since 2017 to finally create the 3-Pillar-Scale System.

How To Work With Us?

Step 1: Send Application

Simply apply using our contact form and we will let you know, when we processed your application.

Step 2: Interview Call

If your application and your business seems to be interesting, we will have a short 30-min call to get to know each other. In this call we will ask you further questions in regards to your business situation, your next milestones and to at the end to see, if there is a good fit.

Step 3: Free Workshop

After our interview call we arrange a 2-hour online workshop via Zoom that is for free. Our goal in this workshop is to go deeper into the topics that have been addressed in the interview call. First we identify your bottle-necks that stop you to move forward. Second, we prioritise them in a logical format and we pick one or two that we want to tackle. Third, we create multiple strategies to overcome those bottle necks and choose the once, that will have the greatest impact in the shortest amount of time. At the end of the workshop, you decide if you want to keep the knowledge for yourself and apply it on your own or with somebody else. That is completely fine. Or, you decide to work with us and negotiate a win-win deal, in which you feel most comfortable with.

Step 4: Paid Activation Phase

Congratulations to your activation phase! This may last one, three or even six months, depending on what strategy we decided to implement to tackle the core bottleneck(s). This can be done either by us or one of our implementation partners we work with closely together. After the activation phase we have a reflexion meeting to see what worked, what didn't work and what to do next time. After this phase you again have these options. You decide if you want to keep the knowledge for yourself and apply it on your own or with somebody else. That is completely fine. Or, we realise that we work just great together, then we again negotiate a long-term partnerships win-win deal, in which we feel most comfortable.

Step 5: Long-Term Partnership

Our long-term partnership might last one, two, five or more years depending on what we want to achieve together.


Most frequent questions and answers

We believe that every business situation is different. There are different team-sets, different development stages and different goals to accomplish.

So it would be unwise to simply set a generic price tag to our services. What we do instead, we create a mutual package consisting out of a combination of a fix payment, revenue sharing, equity share and success fee commission.

The payment model is very individual. It’s actually simple: We charge in a way that is fair to your business and feels right for all parties involved.

We believe that transparency with our customers and partners builds real trust. Our goal is not to make you dependent on us. It is quite the contrary. We want you to be independent, because our goal is to transform as many ethical ventures as we can into great organisations.

We are taking on only applications that fulfill the following criteria:

  • Ethics – The business has an ethical purpose of existence (must not violate German law, must not violate copyrights, no violence, no drugs, no racism, not hurting other people and not obscene).
  • Creativity – We support ideas and projects that creatively promote social progress and culture.
  • PoC – The business already has a proof-of-concept that has been tested on the market place.
  • Openness – We support equality, tolerance and democracy.
  • Clarity – We are as specific, clear and honest as possible and we also wish that from our applicants.
  • Solidarity – We shape relationships between ideas, projects, companies and supporters.
  • Communicative joy – Communicate your success by incorporating our MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH logo.
  • Our categories – consulting services, agencies, education, comic, community, design, drugstore, invention, event, film / video, food, photography, agriculture, radio play / audio book, journalism, literature, art, fashion, music, social business, games, sports, technology, theater, environment, Science, Real Estate (PropTech), High Tech (DeepTech), Medical Devices (MedTech), Financial Services (FinTech, InsurTech, LegalTech), Data Security (PrivacyTech), Material Sciences (MatTech) and Renewable Energy (EnergyTech).

Our implementation partners are carefully selected. Basically there is three core criteria that is important for us in our implementation partneres.

  • Proven Track Record – Our partners have a proven track record in project implementation. They already delivered amazing results for their customers and willing to support MBI Business Innovation Consulting GmbH in acting as an first class implementation partner for our customers.
  • Shared Value Sytem – Our implementation partners share the same value system as we. This is very important in our long-term development so that our customers feel the same working with our implementation partners as with us.
  • Personal Level – We work with our partners not just on a business level, but also on a personal level, which makes our communication more transparent and effective.

You can follow Miguel Miranda on his YouTube Channel where he regularly shares content in the areas of business growth, human resources and talent development.

Contact us

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E-Mail: info[at]mbi-consulting.gmbh