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Why Communication with Charisma

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Life is a series of negotiations. In every situation you face, either business, job or personal life. From buying real-estate, closing a sale, negotiating a lease, contracting business services, asking for a raise, to even something like winning a relationship – every major transaction requires 3 communication skills.



Use persuasive writing skills to convince your readers to take action.



Facts Tell, Stories Sell – Get your message across with effective storytelling.



Negotiations start when someone says “no” – Master this to get your way in life.

The Communication Triangle

“In life you don't always get what you want, You get what you negotiate.”

Miguel Miranda

About Miranda Business Psychology Institute

Miguel Miranda

Miguel Miranda is a business psychologist and entrepreneur in the digital & tech industry. He also dedicates himself to working with tech founders in marketing, sales and partnerships.

After working with leading experts and training over 2.000 hours, he realised there is a high training demand in the core areas of persuasive writing, presentation and negotiation.

Therefore he designed the Miranda Business Psychology Institute for Entrepreneurs, Managers and High Performers to achieve their goals faster than ever by mastering these 3 communication skills.

The Path To Your

Communication Success

Your breakthrough to incredible results.

What does it mean for you to master the communication and negotiation techniques of the pros and achieve the optimum in every interaction?

As an entrepreneur, self-employed person and manager, you pitch & negotiate every day: with suppliers, customers, business partners and employees. 

You have a lot of experience, negotiate intuitively and are probably a good deal maker. But are you already using your full deal making & negotiation potential? You’ll be surprised at what you didn’t know before.

After all, frequent deal making & negotiation alone does not lead to expertise – rather, consciously learning different strategies and techniques does.

Communication Trainings

You will receive the most effective deal making & negotiation training on the market and follow the path that perfectly suits you and can be optimally integrated into your everyday business life.

Communication Consulting

You are facing an important job interview, sales meeting or negotiation and want to make sure you don't make any costly mistakes. You take MIRANDA communication experts at your side and achieve your goals.

Communicator On Demand

Are you looking for a communicator to negotiate the deal on your behalf? Book MIRANDA dealmaker experts and negotiate your deals successful!
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We Will Help You Every Step Of The Way

You don’t need any prior experience and leave with techniques you can use immediately.

Who Are Our Participats?

Not Only For Top Management

MIRANDA Communication training teaches the most effective techniques for every crucial meeting. Whether you are a academic, a start-up entrepreneur, a freelancer, a sales person, a buyer or a trainer – it works. Here are some typical scenarios:


In academia you probably learned how academic writing and presentation works. But as soon as you face business, it's a whole different story. We will teach you how to put your thoughts on paper, express your ideas clearly and negotiate your way.

Application: Cover Letter, Job Self-Presentation, Salary Negotiation.


You already negotiate or make the final decision: Using the right technique at the right moment can cost you a fortune - or give you one! Avoid costly mistakes and get the most out of them - every time. The MIRANDA seminar shows you how.

Application: E-Mail Sales Letter, Sales Pitch, Price Negotiation.


Every day you sit across people who you have to assess correctly and convince of your request. How do you get the relevant information that will help you get what you want at the crucial moment? We show you how to do that.

Application: IT & Tech Consulting, Candidate Recruiting, Purchasing.


You are in a crucial situation between stakeholders who often understand your work better than others from your own company. Yet, you have to negotiate with all parties and get the best deal for all. We show you how to make that happen.

Application: Clarifying Expectations, Job Promotion, Negotiating Agreements.
"The only difference between a contact and a contract is the letter "R" - Relationship. Without communication, there is no relationship. Without relationship, there is no trust. Without trust, there is no business.”
Miguel Miranda

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You don’t need any prior experience and leave with techniques you can use immediately.


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You don’t need any prior experience and leave with techniques you can use immediately.

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We take our responsibility seriously to help you achieve your goals. You receive the most efficient communication and negotiation training on the market. You learn all the negotiation tricks and decide for yourself how to use them. No more trouble expressing your thoughts to others. No more fears in crucial conversations. No more guess work in solving conflicts. We cater to academics, entrepreneurs, self-employed people and executives who have already achieved a lot and are still hungry for more. Let’s talk. We love to help!

established in 2022, MIRANDA Business Psychology Institute strives to Improve Communication & Negotiation Skills for their clients. we believe Communication with Charisma will Get Your Way In Life and our mission is to Make That happen for you.

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